On a Lighter Note...

Although this blog is dedicated to this time in my life since my daughter went to heaven, I wanted to also let you know a little more about myself.  I also have a three year old son named John and a 4 month old little girl named Gia and hopefully more to come.  

I come from a family of five girls and one boy.  I am second in line.  I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA.  I went to college in South Bend, IN and then moved to Arizona because I got married to Phillip. 

 I love chocolate but dislike chocolate cake.  I don't like shopping but I love the store Anthropologie.  My family knows it's my favorite.  So once a year because my birthday and Christmas are close together, I get gift cards and I go crazy in their big sale section as they get rid of many things for the upcoming year.  I scored big time this past January!  

My three favorite movies are "The Notebook", "Pride and Prejudice," and incidentally "Fools Rush In."  They are comfort movies to me.

  I love Notre Dame football even though they have been a disgrace the past few years.  I studied in Rome in college and love everything Italian.  It sparked my love for art history and gelato. 

 I get cranky and will even form tears if I get too hungry.  My husband's most used line to me is, "Calm down."  He even uses it when I am calm just out of habit.  We are very much in love even though we have known each other for 15 years, married for 6 1\2. 

 My kitchen is my favorite place in my house.  It's colorful and happy.  I do most home projects myself.  I love crafts, construction, woodworking, painting, and I'll sew if I have to.

  I've wanted a Yorkie for years now and am just waiting until I can afford one.  

I love children but not pregnancy. 

 I love being home but get excited to go out too. 

 I ran one 10K, but prefer other means of exercise.  

I do not have the type A personality but I like to reach goals I set for myself.  Well, if I think of anything else.  I 'll let you know. 


  1. Reading this makes me miss you so much! And Rome...oh if I could close my eyes and go back to that year in Rome for just one more day!!

  2. Hi! I'm a friend of Bryant's and found your blog through Leila (an "internet friend" :))... 1) I love it! and
    2) I get so emotional when I'm hungry - we call it "hangry" (hungry/angry...it's not even really anger but it's VERY EMOTIONAL. haha)

    looking forward to reading more!

  3. Art history has to be the most perfect, divine and undulgent field of all...totally agree :)