Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Mother's Call

"Dear children of God, I am Queen of Angels.  I am the lowly servant, obedient messenger, and trained ambassador of Our Father, my Son, and the Holy Spirit.  I am here now in a way that has never before been granted to mankind.  I shall bless those children of God who invite me into their hearts, their homes, their decisions, their journey to God.  I am raising up a coterie of followers whose faithfulness to God's will is changing the earth. 

Come into the safety of my Immaculate Heart, dear little children.  Do not be dismayed by what unfolds around you.  Our Father is changing the direction of your lives.  You shall know peace as you surrender to His ways.  There are great rewards for those who surrender to His ways.

My heart is filled with my Son, Jesus.  Turn to my motherly heart.  There you find the consolation you crave.  My heart is filled with Joy.  Share abundantly, dear children, in my Joy.  Seek to remain in my heart, dear children.  There, I give you my Son.  It is my Son who lifts you into the Empyrean Valleys of Love.  Together, you climb to the Heights of Love.  It is Jesus who is Love.  Those who dwell with me dwell on the Heights of God's Love and Providence.  Love God's will as it unfolds around you.  Seek to please God alone.  Then you shall know great peace.

My words, in these times, are not a road map to human aspirations.  I come to bring the Plan of our Father.  His Plan is Eternal Life for all His children.  Those who cling to human dreams do not find the Path of Jesus.  Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Light for your journey to Paradise.  Jesus is Humble.  Jesus is Pure.  Jesus is Wisdom.  Jesus is Compassion.  Jesus is Knowledge.  Jesus is Abundance. 

Ponder the words of Jesus.  Jesus is God.  Jesus will rule all His Father's children.  Soon the hour arrives when the Good Shepherd shall be recognized.  I am preparing His sheep to hear His Voice.  Those who hear His Voice discover the means to see Him, to follow Him, to dwell with Him forever.

It is the time of the return of my Son.  My Son shall be recognized as the Lord of the Angels.  My SOn calls now to the Lose Sheep of Israel.  Many do not hear His Voice, for my Son is humble.  My Son is Peace.  My Son is Graciousness.  My Son is God. 

Trust me, little children.  I am the MOther of God.  I am the Queen of Angels.  I am the Mother of all our Father's children.  I am the Queen of the Earth, dear little children.  Each of you who draws near my heart enters into the courtyard of God's Great Plan for His little children of the earth.  The apostles were the first children of God to experience the joy of the Immaculate Heart.  As they drew near me, they comprehended more and more the dignity God intends for each of you.  Dear little children, draw nearer to my Immaculate Heart.  I am your hope.  I am your joy.  There are flowers in God's Garden that He wishes to give to you.

The flowers of God's Love fill your minds and imagination with Truth.  Truth is the language of Love.  As you dine on Love, your bodies heal of all the poison of non-love that has sickened God's dear little children.  Please me, little children, by taking pleasure in this time God has given to you to come to know me better.  Please me, little children, by perfect trust in His Plan for your lives.  Please me, little children, by your joy as you embrace God's plan for your lives. 

I am with you, little ones.  Do not disappoint me by dwelling on the past.  Leave the past forever.  It has no power over you unless you invite it, nourish it, and foolishly indulge in it.  Lot's wife could not accept God's Will.  She was therefore consumed with sorrow.  Move on, my dear children.  Move forward with great trust in my presence and courage to accept God's Plan for your lives.  There are days ahead that will fill your human hearts with amazement.  Prepare now to help the millions of souls who shall depend upon your faithfulness to God's Will for you.

There are days ahead that require your utmost obedience.  Practice listening for my voice.  Listen at each moment.  Practice listening at each moment.  When you hear my voice, respond with great joy and enthusiasm.  My little ones have heard my call to them in the winds and the fog and the rain s tha thave swept the lands of earth.  Soon my children will have a new climate that will memorialize my return to their conscience awareness.  I am the Eternal Mother.  I am your Mother of Obedience to God's Will.  I am the Mother of God and Mother of all His dear little children. 

The Hand of God is upon the earth.  The Heart of God is upon the earth.  The love of God is upon the earth.  The Will of God returns to the hearts of His children.  Peace is the will of God.  Peace is the gift of God.  Peace is the fruit of the earth.

God has given each of you tasks.  Each of you is endowed with gifts to accomplish those tasks.  Jesus has shown you the way.  Those who pray too little cannot follow the path of my Son.  He comes to you now to have an accounting of you gifts.  Many weep and mourn and die because so few pray.  So few hear my voice.  So few allow me tot visit in their hearts, their homes, their work, their goals, their dreams, their longings.

Few allow me hospitality.  Few invite me into their lives.  Few listen to my voice.  Few obey God's Will once I communicate it to them.  Those who follow the ways of the world forget to listen for my voice in their adulation and self-esteem.  My heart weeps for the sorrow my children heap upon themselves. 

Please listen for my voice.  I have much to tell you.  I am the Queen of Angels.  I am the Mother of all God's children.  Allow me to carry you in my heart to the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega.

Peace, little children.  Only peace."


  1. Hi Francesca :) where is this message from?

  2. Francesca, why are you stop writing? Keep writing don't let any distraction destroy your soul. Let the pain and blessings put together into words. Where we can see how our blessed Mother and her Son walk with you through every day. Our cross is very heavy and seems like unbearable, He broke down our walls and skin us for purification purposes. We feel want to drop and run away from our cross.The temptation from the darkness power is very real. Ground ourselves in Her suffering that we become obidience to His Son. We can get through this Francesca. Don't let other noises influence your pure soul. Let only The Trinity, our Mother, and Therese be your influence.