Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love in Process

I've recently been realizing something more and more about my Jesus.  I've always heard people, since I was a teenager and became more active in my spiritual growth, "Let God love you."  Or, "Give God permission to love you."  I can picture sitting in prayer asking God to love me.  I would give Him "permission."  I can't say I frequently remember some overwhelming experience after I said those words.  I thought although I said the words, that I might not have been doing something right.  Of course, I look at my life and see how God has and does love me very, very much.

However, I'm starting to come into a deeper layer of this.  My sweet sister in heaven Therese, has been helping me.  I noted the book I re-read about her "Everything is Grace".  I took so much in!  I was learning and re-learning, going deeper about so many things.  I've started asking her to intercede for me like never before.  I've been pondering so much based on her life and teachings.  Looking for guidance on how to please God more; how to go deeper in Him.  But one aspect that has surprised me that I've been realizing is Jesus' love for me a new light.  And looking at Therese's little way, her confidence in Him is something I am striving for.  I constantly look towards trusting God.  He is my Father.  He IS Divine Providence.  I look at the Cross and see Jesus as my Savior and His Resurrection and see Him as my Eternal Life.  I know He loves me.  But through such bold confidence I think I am seeing how He is IN love with me.  I often depend so much on what I am doing or not doing that would please or displease Him.  I know the idea of relying on Him and have often done so for many times in my life, and actually throughout my days.  But I am beginning to learn to trust Him to bring me to Him.  That He looks on me with so much love, just as new love.  I don't think He could let me do anything to separate myself from Him because the thought of Heaven without me is unbearable to Him.  My heart skips a beat thinking of this.  My confidence in His love for me is breaking new barriers in my life.  He would rather stoop down in humility to this weak, wretched soul than wait for me to do or be it all.  I know I will never be perfect until I've reached my Homeland.  I can always see how I can't do without Him.  But I think I 'm starting to see that is how Jesus looks at me as well.  I know He could, but He can't bear the thought of it. 

He looks at all His little souls like this.  Of that I'm sure. 

I look forward to dwelling on this little enlightenment more.  How easy the path to Heaven is when it is Jesus who will lift me there.


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  1. Oh Francesca! This is wonderful. He is in love with you so much that He wants to show His masterpiece to the world - "look at her! look at my hands, hear my voice through my beautiful daughter!" He is working through you to reach so many others. God bless you. He is Risen! All my love to you and your families. xoxoxo