Friday, March 1, 2013

Little Update

We are anticipating some beautiful weather for the next week.  Sunny, in the upper 70's.  I am so thankful to start getting outside more.  I'm such a baby in cold weather.  So if it's under 70, I'm inside as much as possible.  I'm sure some of you in other parts of the country must think I sound pathetic!  I laugh at myself too.  I am starting a project at our school.  I'm so excited about it, but I hope I haven't bitten more than I can chew.  I figure since I'm at a school, it gives me a wonderful opportunity to serve in many different ways.  Here is my lovely "God" story that evolved as I was thinking of a service project we could do.  Of course, I can't say that at school, but I know.  I get to share it with
all of you though!

Ok, so I've been thinking\praying since I started in October, how I  could figure out a way to get the children to reach out and do a service project.  A few small obstacles - first it would have to be cheap.  Second, it would have to be simple enough for them to actually take ownership of it.  Third,  it would have to be something they could do during the short after school hours.  I can't give them "homework". The fourth small obstacle, is we can't go anywhere.  It has to be done at Athenaeum.  So...recently I thought our sweet niece Emma.  We have the Phoenix Children's Hospital here.  I thought, what if the kids could make capes for the children at the hospital and maybe write letters about how they are "real life" super heroes.  So this is the cool part.  I call the hospital and tell them my idea.  The woman I spoke with couldn't even believe it!  She told me she just got out of a planning meeting. They are going to hold a dance for the children on May 3rd and the theme is SUPER HERO!  She said she asked the volunteers to start trying to collect super hero stuff.  She was so excited to have a gift to give each of the children.  My kids are really excited too.  Well, most of them are.  So, we are going to be making 120-150 capes in the next couple months.  Please pray it all goes smooth. 

I find, when I struggle with grief or anything.  When being stuck on myself, the hardest, yet best medicine is one of two things.  I either need to get out of myself and create something.  Or serve someone else who is struggling.  I've had moments where I'm crying and hurting and I just start thinking and asking God, "Ok, Lord, what can I do for somebody?" Or "What can I make right now?"  When I make something, which usually means restoring some kind of furniture or home décor object, it forces me to look and imagine beauty.  And all beauty only comes from One source, Beauty Himself. 

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  1. This is awesome Francesca! Some very dear friends of mine spend a lot of time at Phoenix Children's Hospital with their 7 month old son who is fighting cancer. They are overwhelmed by the generosity of those who give to the families at PCH. This gift will be much appreciated by all the young heroes who are fighting at PCH! God bless you and the kids who are making the capes!