Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello Again

If anyone is interested....I will be posting again.  All these transitions are settling down.  We are very peaceful and hopeful where God has taken us and is taking us.  I think I mentioned I started working as a teacher in an after school program.  It's been wonderful for me!  I working with the children and loving them up. I go in to the school in the afternoon while Phillip takes over with Johnny and Gia.  It's a gift to us both.  I get out of the home and Phillip gets to spend a few extra moments with the John and Gia while they are this precious age.  We had a wonderful St. Stella's Feast Day celebration on the 30th.  We lived it up that day.  After we went to Mass, there was Eucharistic Adoration.  I was overwhelmed with this gratitude to God.  I felt so grateful for the gift Phillip and I have been able to offer Him.  What a gift, our own daughter!  It was such a beautiful moment for me.  I hope to write of new ways and our continued restoration, as every day we are being made new in Him.  Praise be to God forever!  He is so good to me and ever so PATIENT.  This is my quick hello back.  I continue to pray for each of you.  Life is good because God is EVERYTHING.  Peace be with each of you this night. 

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  1. Thank you for writing again. I missed your reflections for awhile (computer was down) but I'm glad to get to read your insights and all. God bless you and yours, Francesca.