Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poetry I Found

I went through some of a journal of mine.  I read this passage I wrote a while ago.  I was touched by it and I often fall upon old writings and I move my very own self.  Kind of funny how that works out.  It is as if someone else wrote it and it was just for me. 

"My soul cries out to You my God. 
This mystery of me searches for the Mystery of where it came. 
I want to burst inside. 
Explode.  All of me wants to be free.  My soul is trying to respond to your call.
I am bleeding, Jesus.  The blood doesn't stop.
I think I have bled so much, how could I possibly still be alive?
It is you alone that sustains me.  It is you my soul looks upon desiring greater things than EVER before.  It is this bleeding of my soul that arouses more depth.
How could this be?
Love must give all, as you have asked for the greatest treasure I have.
I cannot and will not refuse you, for it is in You I have it all.  For you came so that whatever has been given to you will not be lost.
So as my blood continues to pour, it empties my soul. 
It makes room for your Spirit, it's greatest desire.
What will become of me? 
Free. Free.  Free.
I miss her."


  1. So painful, beautiful. God bless you and comfort you. He is not far….

  2. God be with you on this anniversary of Stella's passing into eternal life. Love and prayers, Deanna