Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I wanted to share this beautiful excerpt from The Visions of the Children - The Apparitions of the Blessed Mother of Medjugorje.  I thought this testimony was beautiful.

"It is obvious that genuine sinners come to Medjugorje as well as the faithful.  Many people who have been away from organized religion for fifty years or more are drawn to the holy mountains.  Their attitude is open.  One old man in his eighties arrived knowing he had only a few weeks to live.  He was trying one last time to find the great God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob before he died.  How was his trip?  He said, 'I heard the Lord.'  When asked what he heard, the man was moved to tears.

'I asked Him why He bothered with me, after so many years that I denied His existence.  The Lord told me, You are the child of My great covenant with My people.  All my children are sinners.  To repent is to choose Me, to choose My ways.  Your peace is only My will.  'I asked Him, 'Father, how do I obey you now?' and He told me, 'Pray more, My son.  Pray with great confidence in My mercy.  My mercy is your garment now and for all eternity.'  I thought of His justice and I was afraid.  Then He said, 'My justice is joyful.  See how it corrects?  See how it cleanses?  Do not seek Me in places.  Seek Me in your heart.' "

'Did you ask Him about churches?' someone asked.  The old man sighed. 'Yes.  I haven't been in a church since I was a kid.  I didn't even got to hte church when my mother and father died.  The Lord told me, 'The church is you home on earth.  Wherever My church is, so is your home.'"

One of the people listening said, "Did you see a burning bush too?' No one laughed.

The old man was weeping now, 'I asked Him, 'Father, how do I find you?' He said, 'In you heart, My son.' I asked HIm if it was too late for me and He said it was never too late. 'Keep your heart pure, My son.  Do not fill your heart with sensual longing.  A pure heart is My dwelling place.  That Tabernacle of the Most High is your sanctuary from all the cares of the temporal world.'

I asked: 'Dear Father, what must I do so that only you swell there?'  He said: 'Hold all things of the earth with great love for Me, dear child.  Consecrate every moment of your life to Me.  Consecrate your use of every moment in time.  Consecrate your use of everything you experience to My will Consecrate every encounter with every creature to My will.  Then every use of all things will be for Me, and with Me, and in Me.  Then you , too dear child of Mine, will be a servant of humanity with Me and for Me and in Me.  Then total peace will be yours.  The tears will flow for love of Me.  Those tears will water My souls who long for Me.  Those tears free my wounded children.  Those tears melt hearts of stone frown cold with neglect and nonlove. Love My Son.  Love My world.  Love My lost children.  Love My wounded children.  Love My broken children.  Bring their hearts to Me by your compassion.  Never fear, My child.  Find Me in the peace of your heart.  Do you see now why your heart is the center for peace?'

Everyone was weeping now.  Someone said, 'Heaven is right here, isn't it?' no one answered."

I see a little clearer now, how the heart must be protected at ALL cost.  It is our haven here. It is the Lord's tabernacle.  

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