Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well, that's a bummer.  I was trying to post pictures of Johnny's birthday and can't do it for some reason.  They are so precious.  I have a passage to share that I will type up tonight when the little guys are asleep. 

It's baffling to me to experience grief harder than ever.  Phillip and I both are.  I think the stress of the non-stopping world adds to it.  Everything changed in a moment for us. We lost our daughter and house all in that moment.  Our life that we were building got flattened in a moment.  I missed our home so much when we had Johnny's party.  I missed everything.  And it seems like we have had no time to just gather a thought.  Bills still have to get paid and life still has to be done.  So what do I do?  I try to look at the bigger picture I guess.  I feel abandoned, but I am not.  I feel like what have I done so terribly wrong to have this happen to me?  But I know, nothing.  I read this message from Mary our Mother and I this part in particular comforted me so. 

"I am with you, little ones.  Do not disappoint me by swelling on the past.  Leave the past forever.  It has no power over you unless you invite it, nourish it, and foolishly indulge in it.   Lot's wife could not accept God's Will.  She was therefore consumed with sorrow. 

Move on, my dear children.  Move forward with great trust in my presence and courage to accept God's Plan for you lives.  There are days ahead that will fill your human hearts with amazement.  Prepare now to help the millions of souls who shall depend upon your faithfulness to God's Will for you."

I felt like this was just for me.  However, I feel weary of reading such things.  I want to see my Mighty Lord pull us out of this.  See things get better, not just read of the hope there is.  I think I need to ask for patience.  Today is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary.  She received the most glorious Crown in Heaven, the Crown of the Queen of Heaven, Earth, the Cosmos, everything.  She guides and helps many to the Heart of Jesus in all her splendor and glory.  Praise be to God forever!!

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