Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Miracle of Divine Mercy

I wanted to share this beautiful excerpt from the book The Secrets of Mary by Janice Connell.  This is a recorded story pertaining a miracle of Divine Mercy.  I read this months ago and remembered it this last week.

" In a southern state in the United States, a hardened criminal awaited execution on death row.  His behaviour was obviously evil.  A young lawyer was assigned to the case who did not believe in capital punishment.  He tried his best, at great personal sacrifice, through every available legal means, to have the criminal's death sentence commuted.  As each appeal was exhausted, the inmate's chance for life diminished.  At the height of his frustration, the lawyer received a telephone call from a nun he did not know.  She asked to have a meeting with the condemned criminal.  The lawyer quickly assured her that the warden on death row would never allow such a meeting.  But the nun persisted and begged him to ask the warden for the meeting.  The lawyer begrudgingly agreed.  To his shock, the warden readily acquiesced.

  Before the date of the execution, the nun met with the heavily guarded criminal.  She gave him an image of Jesus Christ, the Divine Mercy and asked him simply to look at the image as often as possible.  The meeting lasted less than two minutes.  Several weeks before his execution, the criminal, born and raised in the dregs of Appalachia, requested baptism.  On the day of his execution, he stood between the prison minister and his attorney.  Holding the image of Divine Mercy to his heart, he praised the mercy of Jesus Christ and begged forgiveness of all whom he had harmed.  His attorney was stunned, as were those who had known the hardened man during his incarceration.

  When the executed criminal's lawyer attempted to find the nun who had insisted upon seeing his late client, he was told the young woman was confined to a nearby nursing home.  Surprised, he decided to return the well-worn image of the Divine Mercy to her.  He found her terribly crippled and in the final stages of multiple sclerosis.  The illness had come upon her quite suddenly after her visit to death row.  The lawyer patiently explained to her the spiritual events surrounding the final hours of the condemned man's life.  'Souls are expensive,' responded the suffering nun.  She was thirty three years old."

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