Monday, February 6, 2012


Saturday evening I sat outside with my sister-in-law. The children were riding bikes and racing each other. The sun was starting to set. A little color in the sky caught my eye. Over a neighboring house, I could see a faint, vertical rainbow. I lifted my sunglasses and the colors were gone. I put them back on and the rainbow returned. Interrupting our conversation, I told Monica to look over the house and what I saw. She did, and confirmed how yes, with sunglasses on, the rainbow was visible but without them, it wasn't. An interesting moment I thought. I continued to think of it as I believed I was being shown something. Perspective. One's perspective is crucial to seeing the Kingdom. I have often talked of the eternal perspective. This is a concrete example of just that. Perspective when paired with Truth does not see and experience what one wants to see and believe. Perspective is looking at something from a different point-of-view. I think it is important to think of this concept I am familiar with. If a small dog runs up to Gia, a one year old and gets in her face and licks her. Her perspective of the small dog might actual be big and invasive and scary. Gia cries and reaches up to me for help. As her adult mom, my perspective of the dog and situation is that it is a cute little dog who is trying to kiss and be friendly to my daughter who is scrambling for help. I laugh. The reality or truth of the situation doesn't change. However, our two perspectives of it are different. And therefore make us REACT differently as well. I laugh. Gia cries.

I think of seeing the rainbow through my sunglasses and how it was gone without them. I am still seeing with my own eyes the same spot in the sky, however, with sunglasses on, I get to enjoy a beautiful rainbow that makes me smile. However, without the sunglasses, or a different perspective, I probably would not have looked at that spot in the sky to begin with. And I would not have just received an extra moment of beauty and joy.

Looking for His Kingdom on this earth is perspective. The eternal perspective, looking through the right glasses. Peeking through the veil between Heaven and earth is done by practicing keeping our glasses on at all times or we will miss the heavenly gifts and presence that is lavished on each of us. Those gifts, those blessings remind me of what is to come in eternity.

I went for my run this very morning. I prayed before I started that since I had a little time to myself that God would help me to see His gifts on the run. It is easier to look for the Kingdom when we are not distracted. I have my usual route. I saw two tiny, tiny morning doves. They were so precious. I admired them and praised God for them. Gift one. I saw the morning sun just getting higher into the sky. It turned the clouds and sun silver. I thanked Him for that too. Gift two. I was getting close to the sunflower house. It's a marker in my run. I always enjoy the sunflower house. In the front yard, there are golden sunflowers. They are beautiful, so I know gift three is coming up. As I approached the house I noticed two small birds on the wire by the sunflowers. I was overjoyed thinking the two tiny morning doves have followed me. I get closer and I can't even believe m eyes. Feasting and kissing the golden sunflowers is a dozen Love Birds! They were bouncing from one flower to the next chirping and full of complete joy. I only know they are Love Birds because Johnny and I researched them for a pet. They are not native to Arizona. They have indigo blue tails, bright green bodies, and peach colored faces. They are magnificent! Later my father-in-law told me that someone in another part of the valley raised some and had to get rid of some so he let some go. Apparently they adapted and have multiplied, but are not often seen. I was marvelling at them and filled with the presence of the Creator. I grew up in gorgeous Northern California and have travelled many glorious places. I would have never thought that one of the most delightful moments with God's nature would have been in suburb Tempe, AZ. And yet I see cars and people just passing all of this by! How could they?! He not only loves to give, but to surprise too. My cup is overflowing. I think of Johnny right away. He would LOVE this! I have to share it with him!

I sprint over a mile back home to grab John and put him in the car. I don't want them to fly away. Panting I burst through the front door. Johnny is slowly trying to wake up. I tell him to hurry and I have a surprise to show him. He starts asking what it is in a cranky-I'm-trying-to-wake-up voice. I tell him so he will be excited. He simply says, "I don't want to go." My heart sank. "What?! But John, you gotta.If you come with me, you won't even be able to believe it! It's so beautiful!" Thinking I must have convinced him, John responds, "No. I don't want to go. I want to stay inside." The joy and experience I could hardly wait to share just got shot down. I immediately sensed another lesson being shared with me. I felt in a small degree, the rejection of the Father from His children, from me. My heart hurt and I felt ashamed. How many times have I rejected a gift God so ardently wanted to give? How many times have I begged for a gift, a blessing and when He places something in before, I throw my head over my shoulder and say, "NO, I don't want that one." How terrible of me. Especially when the package of the gift doesn't look to impressive, or even a bit ugly. When I found out I was pregnant with Stella and my plans were "ruined"? How I cried for a month. How hurt He must have been. But He knew. He knew the absolute GIFT her life was and is for me in thousands of ways. When I begged for more gifts and I opened my hands pleading. He placed the death of my daughter in them. Repulsed, by the packaging on that gift. How His heart must have broken. All the beauty and joy He wants to share through such gifts. God is all good, God is all Love, and God is all knowing. All gifts He gives are good, loving, and given with perfect perspective. He is so excited for us!

So I want all the gifts now. I want ALL, not just the ones with pretty ribbon and paper. I want ALL of them, because I want ALL of Him and I want to learn His perspective more. With Eternal Perspective, there is no need for fear, discouragement, dispair, confusion, etc. Only good, only love, and only a path in the Kingdom's direction with an all-knowing driver infront of the wheel.


  1.'s so beautiful the way you can weave in such simple moments I would probably overlook, myself, in the rush of a busy morning. Great helps me "get it" a little bit more. :)

  2. Thank you, again, for sharing with us. I get real excited over the beauty in nature and especially birds. Those love birds sound amazing!!
    I am learning too about gifts right now that don't come in pretty packages. Our oldest son has testicular cancer and has started chemo. I am seeing God's hand in all of this, although at times, it can be hard.
    Thank you, Francesca.