Monday, February 20, 2012


"If I were to direct you to a course that would bring you closer to Me, would you accept it? Would you walk into this course with joy, singing My praise because I had taken your hand and led you quickly into the heavenly mysteries of holiness? Would you be grateful to Me for choosing you amongst many to be one of My closest companions? Would you recognize that great grace that I had given to you by selecting you to proceed with Me down this course that leads so directly to My heart, even if it were to lead you away from your companions? My beloved one, if you are suffering, be assured that I have chosen you to accompany Me as a close companion. Only in suffering is it possible for Me to visit you with certain heavenly graces. These graces are distinguishable from other graces by the impact they leave on a soul. This impact alters permanently the viewpoint of one who has experienced suffering. Some reject My presence in the cross and become bitter. Poor, poor children of God, who do not see God in their cross. You must pray for them and rejoice if you are one who suffers and understands that your Savior is asking you to accompany Him on the walk to Calvary. Could I abandon you with your suffering? Would such a thing be possible when I, Myself have chosen you to be My closest companion? If you experience the cross, My beloved apostle, you experience Me, but you must desire My companionship as I desire yours.

My beloved apostles, do not be downhearted because you suffer. Consider that suffering is learning. What do I teach you in suffering? There are so many advantages and revelations possible in suffering that if you are suffering you should say, 'Truly, I have embarked upon a course of study. I am studying Jesus in the cross.' In this way, you will view your time spent carrying the cross as time spent with intensive learning and intensive advance into things holy. One of the the things you will struggle with is temptation to reject the cross and rebel against the cross. Anyone who is carrying a crosss of suffering requires exertion. You must exert yourself to remain faithful and recollected when you are carrying a cross. This is wearisome at times. But the fact that one is tired does not mean that one is finished. If the cross has not dimished then you must carry it for a time longer. I am the personal instructor of those carrying crosses. Do you listen carefully to your instructor? Do you seek to remain close to Me? If you do, I will teach you how to carry the cross in the way that benefits your most, and by benefitting you, remember that heaven benefits all around you and all that is close to your heart. Just as the Father blessed many through My Passion, He will bless many through yours. You are not alone. I am with you."

- Whispers from the Cross,
Reclaiming the Church through
Personal Holiness

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