Monday, January 9, 2012

Unexpected Beauty

I have an image that keeps coming to mind. I see a desert, flat, dry, and barren. It seems to stretch for miles. I can picture driving across the country with my family growing up. We would always travel out of state and do a road trip. We loved it. However, I remember Nevada was always the state we loathed driving through because the desert was so boring and frankly, just ugly.

Yet somehow, they still maintain life. There are creatures and plants that do use resources from such desolate looking land. Among such rough terrain, I see a flower in bloom. And I can't help but think of how the desert in appearances look awful. But as one takes a closer look, there are not only creatures that are supported by such a habitat, but beauty also blossoms. The key to it is patience and perseverance. If one waits long enough, one will actually see beautiful flowers, a place of peace, and many creatures. The beauty seen is astounding because of the secrecy and stubborn temperament it holds. It is all so unexpected.

So yes, I relate the suffering soul, my soul, to such a place. It is in hoping when hope doesn't seem possible or likely, that my soul somehow receives the grace it needs to be patient and persevere. Life is sustained, but I continue to wait for the grand and majestic blooms that the desert sometimes unveils. And when the rains come and the desert turns to green and many other colors, the life that does inhabit in it come out and rejoice, playing in such rarity.
So to does the song of my soul. It longs to burst through in extravagance in such an unlikely place. I see glimpses of this.

Also in the desert many of these happenings occur at night. Much of the activity arises after the scorching such sets and stars by the millions fill the sky. So too, the darkness of night in the soul who is living in a desert time. I believe many mysteries of beauty DO bloom and thrive when one is in such treacherous places. This is the continual hope I have and have seen pieces of. I continue to wait under this sever and merciless sun, for the merciFUL God to open the flood gates wider and pour down upon me and my family and the world so true beauty and joy will explode! For God does all things. He turns wastelands into vibrant, fertile grounds. Since He does that, think of all the possibilities there are for a willing soul. So as the new year has begun and we are approaching the one year anniversary, I look towards working hard and receiving truly a year of great restoration from my mighty, mighty Savior!

Sweet Stella, please help us.

Oh and just for an update - My birthday was very blessed today. I was missing the girl especially today, but I truly was humbled by friends and family. I feel so undeserving of such kindness and love. That is truly how I felt today - humbled and unworthy. Thank you everyone!! Why is it so hard to accept such love?!!? Heaven is working - through each of us.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! Your life, even for those of us who have only known you a short time, has blessed us beyond measure. And for that, it's no surprise that so many people want to shower you with love and gifts of all varieties in return. No gift returned to you could EVER match the way you draw us each closer to Heaven with each entry from your heart. Thank you Jesus for all the things that had to line up, and all the people who said Yes, for beautiful Francesca to grace this earth during my lifetime! May your time that God has drawn you into the desert be everything He needs it to be. Praying for your comfort and closeness.