Monday, January 16, 2012

Johnny's Gift

Well, I was planning on writing about more thoughts of the past week but I can't pass up telling this little story. On Saturday, we took John and Gia to a train park here. Across the street we saw a parking lot full of "cars". I guess I should back up a minute and tell you that my son, Johnny LOVES cars. They are his favorite thing. He especially enjoys cars from the Disney\Pixar movie - Cars and Cars 2. Ever since he saw the movie at age one and half, he has been obsessed with them. Anyways...back to the train park. So apparently there was some kind of car show across the street. Phillip and I thought of course that John would go nuts. We stuck to our plans though and went to the park. John was disappointed but very accepting of the fact that we weren't going to take him to the car show that day.

On Sunday morning I asked Mother Mary to help us do something special together as a family. We had the whole day because we had already gone to Mass the Saturday evening so we didn't have to go Sunday morning. We usually don't do that. I prayed and decided whatever Phillip offered as a suggestion, we would just do. I didn't want to go back and forth with ideas and then get frustrated by indecisiveness. Phillip said, "Francesca, let's go down to the parking lot again and see if the cars are still there." I tend to like to plan a little more so I told him I would look it up online first. I found out they would not be there. It apparently is this HUGE car show that people come all over the world to be a part of. It's called Barrett Jackson. Anyways, some cars started at that parking lot and were driving to the Pavilion that afternoon. We weren't sure if we had the time with Gia's nap schedule if going to a long event would be a good experience for the entire family to do. Somehow we still decided to go and check it out and we thought that maybe there would be some neat cars in the parking lot and we could get the scoop on all of it. Phillip could then wait until next weekend to take John so they wouldn't be pressed for time. It was a beautiful overcast day. The desert really did look pretty. John was going crazy just thinking about the idea of being close to all those top notch cars.

We parked and as I was unloading John, I said, "Johnny, I really think that this is going to be a gift from Stella to you." He didn't pay much attention to me as his excitement was escalating. We walked a little while and arrived at the front tent. Then all of a sudden, this man asked us if we needed tickets. He gave us one right there! We were so thankful. I went to go purchase more and he came up to me again and said "That will cover you and your husband and the children are free." We couldn't believe it. I told John again, "See, I told you this was going to be a gift from your sister." It was a heavenly confirmation to us that we were suppose to go as a family. We had a blast. I have never been to anything like that. John's joy, was our joy. It was pretty spectacular. And that comes from a non-car person. Gia was really peaceful and our family once again received heaven's love. God took care of my son in no grand spiritual way. He still wants us to enjoy our stay here on earth even if it is an exile. God created John with that love of cars he has, He wanted to bless John that day. What a loving Father. If He does that for a small soul, think of what must await each of His children at Home! He sees everything, even the smallest of details in the smallest of souls.


  1. This brought me so much joy thinking of Johnny in BLISS!! God is so good. Love to all of you.


  2. Oh Francesca...I love hearing your beautiful reminders of how God is in every moment of our day when we choose to look. You write so so well; I felt like I was there. :) I can't wait to start catching up on your writings. It's been a long hiatus.