Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sorry for the late post. I wanted to share the pictures from our Eve of All Saints Celebration. The pictures are in random order of the night. I LOVE this celebration. I didn't grow up doing it and our family didn't start until a few years ago when I was really convicted about it. Anyways... I hope you enjoy seeing all of the PRECIOUS children dressed up as saints and other Biblical characters.

Here's my John doint a Halo toss.

A few fairies still made their way in the mix of the saints. They were lovely.

This girl had the most original costume of the night. She dressed as a tabernacle! She did great.

This was Johnny's favorite game - fishing in the sea of Galilee. One thing I love about the party is that older children from the families help out with the games. It is such a great example to the younger children. It gives the older kids a chance to serve. They are great with the little guys and so encouraging. I love that.

Pumpkin carving contest.

Another game.

The boys LOVE this game of David and Goliath.

Johnny just got his face painted.

This is the end of the march going into the hall. We start outside and sing the Litany of Saints and then the children march into "When the Saints go marching in".

Mother Mary. SOOOO darling!

A sleeping St. Nicholas.

Blessed Juan Diego waiting for the party to begin.

Saint Joseph? I just loved the beard.

I loved her smile.

Another Mother Mary. She was my competition and she definitely won. (Yes, I dressed up. You will see that picture too.)

I forget this saint but I was so impressed by her craft to make that hat!

Look at the t-shirt! This is Gianna who is dressed as my Saint Stella! It was so honoring to my family. Her mom told me she thought of it all on her own! One of the highlights of my night.

Ok, kind of embarassing. The whole dress up thing is NOT my personality but John kept asking me and asking me who I was going to dress up as. I wanted to honor John's desire. I scrambled around right before the party and made myself Mother Mary. Johnny LOVED it! I wanted to do it to convey the importance of the saints and the night. When he saw me, his eyes got big and his mouth dropped as he exclaimed, "Mommy - you look BEAUUUUUUTIFUL!" Haha. My sister-in-law is St. Barbara and her husband is St. Francis Xavier.

My angel Gia. I made her little costume.

Cousins, Mariana and Grace dressed up as St.Clare of Assisi and St. Rita. I made their costumes the day of as well!

Cousin Caleb as St. Caleb and John as St. John the Baptist.

A very excited John the Baptist to get lots of candy.

A couple thoughts on the saints. I grown in much love for them over the last few years. I truly call them my friends as I have called upon them for help and learn of their struggles on this earth. I am missing my saint today. Last week as All Saints Day started to near, Phillip and I had taken John on a date. We went to eat and then had to stop in the store. We were driving to the store after the restaurant and it caught me off guard. We drove past the cemetery Stella's earthly remains are. It was so hard. I immediately ran in my soul to the heart of Jesus. Through tears I begged him to show me something. We got to the store. We ran our errand. I was praying the whole time. This is what Jesus showed me. I looked at the faces in the store. The world feels like such a foreign place to me sometimes. I look in the crowd for something comforting and familiar but I find nothing. I do not belong here I think to myself. I look for a glimpse of Jesus in the crowd. I see all of these people walking with such heavy hearts and long faces. They look terrible to me, but I tell myself each person I see has a soul. Each person I see is eternal. I got home and started reading my book based on the teachings of St. John of the Cross. I immediately feel peace and comfort. I feel my soul spark again and lifted up by this saint. This saint who's physical body has been deteriorating for centuries. However, he is more alive to me than the people I saw with my very own eyes walking in the store. They looked like walking corpses. While my friends in heaven that I cannot see stir in my soul and help me thirst and long for the life of heaven - real life. Therefore, even though those saints have been physically dead for a long time, they appear to me as more alive than many people I encounter on this earth. It was like Jesus was trying to show me not to be deceived by the appearance of some things. The souls gone home are more alive than any of us on earth. Heaven is real. Jesus is alive and working. I am so thankful for this reality. Blessings on all of you on this great Feast Day!


  1. Oh Francesca, thank you so much for sharing! I loved each and every one of those pictures. It is so nice to see so many children representing the Saints, how special! You make a very beautiful Mother Mary and an even more beautiful Mother! I love you. God Bless you and your family on this wonderful holy day!

  2. I agree! And John and Gia look like they have grown so much just in the past few weeks... wow. I love their costumes. Nice job, Francesca :)