Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Stella Dream

"What exactly does 'venerating' mean?" Phillip asked me as he walked into the kitchen the other morning. " means 'to adore'," I replied, "Why?" An interesting question to start the day I thought. "I just had a dream about Stella, just right now," Phillip said. My heart filled with joy as I waited for him to tell me about it. He continued, "Stella was playing all around. We were playing together and I grabbed her and picked her up and said, 'Stella, what are you doing?' And she said, 'Venerating'." This is not a word in Phillip's vocabulary - venerating. I'm not sure if I've ever heard him use that word. I thought how appropriate that Phillip would have our first significant dream about Stella. I, unlike Phillip, tend to dream often. Probably because my sleep is constantly disturbed with the children waking up at night. Phillip very rarely has dreams, or at least dreams he is conscious of. I can think of maybe one or two times where he has even mentioned that he's had a dream. My attention was heightened just when I heard him say the word "dream".

I don't believe every dream is significant. However I do believe God can give us meaningful dreams. We see this throughout Scripture. I dream all the time and I can think of two dreams where I just knew the Lord was showing me something. One of them is very relevant to what we are going through with Stella right now. In hindsight, I see it as another means of preparation for me. There are a few aspects of it that stick out to me besides the significance of Phillip being the one who actually had the dream. Stella was extremely joyful doing what she does as a child. I can picture all of it perfectly because that behavior happened often in our home. Stella would be playing, Phillip would come home, start to play with her, grab her, pick her up and ask, "What are you doing, lovey?" She would respond with various answers like, "Playing dog", or "Playing jaguar" and so forth. But this time her answer was - "Venerating". I immediately think of "to adore". I looked up the exact definition and this is what it said - "to hold in deep respect; to honor in the recognition of the qualities of excellence, holiness, wisdom, etc." It derives from the word "venus" which means "love". How lovely, how beautiful - this glimpse of our eternity is. That is what my Stella is doing with our God. What is the most striking aspect though, is that she was not hunched over bowing, or kneeling in prayer. She was joyfully playing. In my opinion since we are fully united to our Creator in heaven, absolutely everything we do praises Him, adores Him, venerates Him. When we are home, each movement, thought, exploration, play, etc. gives perfect glory to the One our hearts belong with. And in that giving without any effort, we are made complete and whole. I just wanted this week to share another piece of this journey Jesus has asked us to walk. Wasn't it such a precious moment PHillip got to share with our eternal daughter? GOOD JOB ST. STELLA!!! MOMMY, DADDY, JOHNNY, AND GIA ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! Thank you Lord for the heaven that awaits us!


  1. Amazing story! This is such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing...I can very well imagine Stella "playing and venerating" in Heaven...what a tremendous gift :)

  2. chill bumps! amazingly comforting and beautiful

  3. Francesca, this is so incredibly profound. Thank you so much for sharing these stories... I know the primary purpose of these insights from the Lord is for you... but they speak so much to the rest of us too. I've been thinking a lot about this since hearing the story, and it has been helping to change my attitude about the things I do during the day... asking myself: "Am I venerating as I do this...?" Thank you St. Stella for spreading joy! Love to you all...