Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Game Plan

Ok, so as I've been praying through this blog thing and my goal is to write a new post once a week. I will be reflecting on what I should write during my prayer time and then posting it. Pictures and videos will evolve as well. I want to make sure I keep it in moderation for myself and not get carried away. I just want to make sure my vocation doesn't get interrupted too much. I think it will just help me organize this into my life. And it will help anyone that is reading it to know when to check for any new posts. In other words, you won't have to waste your time continually checking my site. Anyways, I am praying for each soul who encounters this part of my journey. So yes, that means, I am offering some of this suffering for personally and specifically YOU. So don't be surprised when extra wonderful graces of God come your way. And I have asked my Stella to be praying for each one of you and your families as well. She and I are in this together. I'm not exactly sure what day I will be posting, but I am thinking it will be Mondays. So let us continue on towards this only righteous cause.


  1. I really look forward to reading these on Mondays. I'm already being affected by your blog in my own personal life. I'm soooo happy to be able to be apart of this experience with you so thank you for deciding to do this blog. Since Stella's death I have wanted to be close to you, to mourn and comfort you...what a blessing this blog will be. And "Go Stella", keep working through us and praying for us!

  2. Dearest Francesca,
    I was overcome with sadness after reading your beautiful blog. Sad that God asked this great sacrifice of you and Philip. Sad that I never got to know little Stella on earth, but in return, I am uplifted by your faith and love. Stella lives in my heart, she brings me closer to God because you cannot think of her without also thinking of our Father. As members of the communion of saints, we are together no matter what side of the veil of life. Let us all keep “RUNNING TO GOD’ with Stella showing the way.

    Aunt Donna